International Relationships
Intrust Corporate Finance`s founding partners have experience in a wide range of sectors and international regions. Intrust Corporate Finance is well positioned with contacts and relationships throughout Europe and Internationally, particularly in the UK, Israel, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia and other EU countries, including accession countries. Intrust Corporate Finance has established relationships with associates in China and the Far East who are based in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They are able to provide assistance ranging from setting up joint venture manufacturing facilities, to accessing substantial domestic markets. In working together Intrust Corporate Finance’s team can assist with financing client businesses in China and the Far East.
Our People

Marco Capretti - Chairman

Marco Capretti has been the Chairman of Intrust since 2008, the year Intrust was founded. He is responsible for the South East European Markets and from 2003, was a director of Sawford Limited, a Corporate Finance Advisory firm with a focus on European Mid-Size transactions. Previously he was head of Capital Holding Milan – I, Managing Director. He was also previously head of “ Corporate Finance -La Compagnie Fiduciaire Conseil” Paris – F and Milan – I, Edmond de Rotschild Bank Group, Partner, and prior to that responsible for “Saifi Finanziaria” Turin – I, Merchant Bank of Agnelli’s Group, M&A Department. He has significant corporate finance experience gained over 30 years. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano –I.

Graham Woolfman - Director

Graham Woolfman is a partner in Tempus Advisory & Management LLP, a consultant to Intrust Corporate Finance Limited, which was advisor to Gateway VCT Plc, a UK Venture Capital Trust. He was previously head of Investment Banking at Cavendish Asset Management Ltd, the asset management and advisory division of the Lewis Trust Group. He is a Chartered Accountant and previously for 15 years was Partner and Head of the Corporate Finance division within Levy Gee. He has over 25 years experience in corporate finance and working with companies backed by private equity finance. His investment management and Board activities have included companies across a range of sectors, including technology related, general service based and financial services sectors. He is a director of a number of unquoted companies, and has served as a director of public ally quoted and listed companies.

Martin Landman - Senior Consultant

Martin Landman is a qualified chartered accountant and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Martin became an equity partner in Levy Gee Chartered Accountants in 1982. Levy Gee grew to be the twentieth largest UK accounting firm in 2001. Martin setup and developed the international tax section of the firm which in 1987 became incorporated as intrust Ltd. In 2002, He led a management buyout of intrust Group and developed inTRUST Group to become a multi-jurisdictional international firm with 12 offices worldwide. Martin specialises in the provision of tax trust, accounting, and advisory services to professionals worldwide, as well as family office services. Martin is a non-executive director of various international companies.

Verena Viskovic - Associate

Verena Viskovic joined Intrust Corporate Finance Limited in October 2011, and has worked with clients in the UK and Italy. She has also gained experience in the renewable and traditional energy production sectors in South-Eastern Europe. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Economics and Finance form the University of Padova, Italy and is currently pursuing a MSc in Financial Engineering at Birckbeck (University of London). She is fluent in Italian and Croatian.

Our Values
We seek to adopt a transparent and ethical approach, in our work with our clients. We value rigorous standards and excellence in the quality of our advice and seek to establish long standing client relationships. We respect and value the people we work with as clients, and within our own team. We value our independence, integrity, and culturally international perspective. We always seek to provide unbiased objective advice and hope to reward our client`s confidence in us with a high quality and loyal service.

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